• Agnosticism
  • On being agnostic

    When it comes to questions of god or spirituality I have, more often than not, been quiet on the subject. I’ve had plenty of conversations about it with friends and family and certainly don’t mind discussing it when asked. But I don’t generally shout it from the rooftops or buy billboards or create commercials for […]

  • Science
  • Climate Change and Science Literacy

    UNEP Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report Finds Climate Change Goals Growing More Elusive: Global greenhouse-gas emissions already have passed the point where the worst effects of global warming could be averted, and they are still rising, according to the third annual United Nations report on the so-called emissions gap. Some countries have made pledges to help […]

  • Astronomy
  • The Whirlpool Galaxy

    I was able to squeeze in about 1.5 hours of viewing this morning just as the moon set and before the sun rose. My main subject was M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy, in Ursa Major. Unfortunately there was still a good bit of moon light in the sky so I’ll I definitely want to revisit this […]

  • Astronomy
  • The Virgo Galaxy Cluster!

    Messier 88 Got up at 3am and had a long trip through the Virgo Galaxy Cluster! It was a chilly 25 degrees F but I was layered up and ready to go.  I added 6 more Messier objects to my viewed list and 7 more to my Herschel 400 list before the sun started to […]

  • Astronomy
  • Astronomy Outreach at Antonia Middle School

    A couple weeks back my niece emailed me to ask if I’d be interested in attending a star gazing event with her at her school. Of course I was interested I replied. I checked in with the event organizer, a member of the St. Louis Astronomical Society, about bringing my telescope and assisting at the […]

  • Astronomy
  • Viewing Jupiter and Saturn!

    There is little doubt that when viewing planets in our solar system the two most likely to elicit a gasp of surprise from a first time planetary viewer are Jupiter and Saturn. In recent weeks Jupiter has been rising at a time early enough to be high in the horizon by 9pm. If you view […]

  • Astronomy
  • The Herschel 400

    I’ve viewed 100 of 400 Herschel objects! For those that may not know, Herschel was an astronomer who cataloged several thousand objects in the universe. A fun way of learning the night sky is to work through a variety of such lists of objects. This is my second list to work on, the first being […]

  • Astronomy
  • Pondering the Future

    Specifically my personal future and also thinking a bit about this blog. I’ve obviously not been very consistent with updates. Honestly, I put some of the blame for that on Facebook. I’m sure I am not the only one who spends too much time there. While it is great for sharing I thing the downside […]