Garden Rising

We’re in the middle of what will, hopefully, be our last cold spell of the season. March has been pretty nice in terms of temperature and precipitation. Today it’s cold and raining but over the past week I’ve gotten all my cold crops in. Peas, lettuce, chard, spinach, kale, radish, onions and potatoes. Larry Cooper’s broadfork was amazing for loosening up the soil! So easy to use. Thanks again Larry! I’ll be encouraging my local garden friends to take a look at these for their own gardening.

The tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant were all started about 2 weeks earlier than last year and have now been transplanted out into little pots and are sitting on my cabin table with a light on them. The fruit trees are all budding out and have flowers. The comfrey and rhubarb are popping up everywhere and the bed by the greenhouse most of all. Those plants are already full of leaves and nearly a foot tall. If they don’t get killed off by the cold I could probably get a rhubarb harvest in another week or two! Is that normal?

In other news I’ve been seeing Petunia around several times a week and I’ve got two Canada geese  that have been hanging out. Not nearly as friendly as Loretta but they are less afraid every day and have been coming up for snacks and visiting just 10 feet from the front porch a few hours a day. I love geese. Their mannerisms are adorable and they are such beautiful birds.

I suppose that’s it on homestead news. I’ll post a few garden pics soon.

2 thoughts on “Garden Rising

  1. Gulland

    Hey Denny, You're most welcome! The soil will continue to improve every time you use that broadfork. Our soil is still frozen in Wisconsin, but the sun is getting stronger every day.

    Doesn't it feel good to see things growing and coming back to life? The pond across the way from us just thawed this week and the sandhill cranes and some geese have been hanging around. A raven is building a nest in the pine tree behind our place. With all the craziness in the world, these simple things bring so much peace.


  2. denny

    It does feel good. I do love the winter and its quietness as everything sleeps. Heck, I LOVE EVERY SEASON and the timing is always just about perfect. We move into the next season just as I begin to crave it. Spring is amazing.

    Agreed, the simple things do bring peace. Perhaps we humans will one day remember our animal nature and begin living a different, more balanced life.

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