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  • Petunia is alive and well

    Good news regarding Petunia!! I’d mentioned in a recent post that I’d not seen her and that I was worried she might have been shot during hunting season. I took a walk into the woods the other day and spotted the little group she hangs with. I was talking loudly to myself so that if […]

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  • MacProductive

    I don’t do this often here on my personal blog but every so often I drop a plug in for the freelance work I do as MacProductive. Most of the work  I do is website design or FileMaker Pro database development which is perfect for my life in my little cabin as I can do […]

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  • The Quiet of Winter

      I love every season. Winter no less than the others. The quiet only makes the song of birds more amazing. The lake has frozen with the below normal temperatures of December and the ice makes these haunting sounds as it cracks as a part of the freezing process. I don’t really know the mechanics […]