The Gulland Forge Broadfork!

Gulland Forge Broadfork

The UPS guy showed up a little bit ago to deliver my new, hand-made broadfork gifted to me by Larry Cooper. He makes them by hand and let me tell you, what an awesome tool. The ash handles had a really nice smell thanks to the linseed oil/turpentine finish and I pushed them into the metal fork assembly. It was then that I noticed the engraving “Our Tomorrow” which, honestly, brought a tear to my eye. Just when I thought such a gift could not possibly get any better there is that thoughtful detail. Larry: THANK YOU.

Gulland Forge Broadfork

I’ve not had a chance to use it much yet as I was eager to post this. But I DID use it a bit and wowza, this is one fantastic tool. It just works, like an extension of the body. I stepped on to the center of it and my weight pushed it into the earth and then I just gave it a gentle rock back to loosen the soil. I can’t wait to work some beds with this! Everything about it from the handles to the tines just feels so solid. America needs to return to this kind of hand-made quality.

Will post more when I’ve had a real chance to give the broadfork a real workout!

2 thoughts on “The Gulland Forge Broadfork!

  1. Anne

    Yeah.. and that would be why several gardeners I know would happily trade their spouse to get one of them. They are an investment, but worth it, and a well made one is worth it's weight in gold. Very old tool that not many know about.

    I wonder if urban garden organizations know about them.

    Grats and happy gardening Denny! 🙂

  2. ashley

    Congrats Denny!

    We had one of those at Heifer Project in Ceres, CA when I was there. They always made me feel like a kid in a sandbox, especially when I had to hop on them! (The people who ran the garden were big fans of John Jeavons- he's a huge broadfork propenent.)

    Enjoy it!

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