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  • Me and Petunia

    Petunia is a year and two months old now. This picture was taken last fall. What an amazing animal and experience it has been to raise her and watch her grow. She still comes around almost once  a day for a visit and I enjoy every second of it. There’s nothing quite like a deer […]

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  • Darn it

    Apprently I had comment moderation turned on and did not realize it till today! I think I must have turned it on sometime last summer though I don’t remember doing it. Anyway, got lots of comments posted that I would have responded to. Most notably the comments to my post about killing the dogs last […]

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  • Growing and eating local food

    It is raining here this morning which is something we really need. As I recall we had about a quarter inch of rain in June and May was fairly dry too. Not only that but daily temps in June averaged 4-5 degrees above normal, above 90 most days in June. Very hot, very dry and […]