Making my claim in the gulf

I’ve not written about the oil spill here yet. But like many people it has been on my mind much of each day. Anyone that knows me will tell you how I feel about cars, lawn mowers and other machines that require oil to run. I truly detest them. My life here on the permaculture homestead is all about trying to use less energy, less oil. Even so I can’t help but feel the deepest regret and guilt when I see the images of oil covered birds struggling to lift their heads or to take a breath or blink their eyes. Eve though I try very hard not to drive without necessity the truth is I still drive a car. I purchase food grown with oil and other fossil fuels. I purchase other synthetic items derived from oil. I am a part of this. One of those oil covered birds is my bird. I claim it. I own it. That is what I see with each picture and the question I ask with each one is that my bird? It is breaking my heart over and over and over.

1 thought on “Making my claim in the gulf

  1. Anne

    Agreed.. and acknowledgment that the oil spill is just as much my fault as well as many others because we create the demand that the oil companies try to supply.

    It is very hard to completely avoid contributing to the problem as often there is no other packaging choice or means to get something accomplished. In no way does that mean to give up.. it means we need more choices.

    What I find terrifying though is so many rant and rave to boycott BP.. and even when you point out our daily choices cause the need and the greed to drill.. there are very few that will accept their actions contributed to this destruction.

    You're a good soul Denny. Here's to hoping more people have the conviction to say the buck stops here.

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