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  • Lots going on…

    In the past couple of weeks we’ve had lots of progress with a variety of projects. The cabin finally, really feels complete. The porch is my favorite place to be which is what I fully expected. I added a new flower bed and have put in rock creek paths to replace the composted mulch which […]

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  • Covered Porch Progress!

      Deck, cedar poles, and rafters ready for metal roof. Steps and railings have been added in this photo. The Deck is salvaged from an old deck that has been in use on various other structures for at least 20 years. The rafters were salvaged from yet another deck and the cedar logs were from […]

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  • First Salad!!

    Harvested my first bit of lettuce and spinach Wednesday night and it was so tasty!! There’s nothing quite like eating salad that was picked 5 minutes before eating. I’ve got an okay crop of greens coming in though it’s not as thick as had hoped it would be. I planted it pretty dense but we […]

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  • New Natives

    Lots of planting the past couple days. Saturday I picked up some ferns, hostas, Russian Sage, and Catnip from my aunt. The ferns come from my great grandmother and have been passed around the family for years. They are beautifully lush and spread quickly. They’re also quite large, some of them reaching a height of […]

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  • The Garden Grows!

    It’s been slow going this spring, or at least it seems that way. I am impatient. The onions, peas, potatoes, strawberries and various greens are looking pretty good. I think I should have planted my greens (lettuce, spinach, chard, etc) a week or two earlier than I did. The greenhouse is full of plants that […]

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  • Cowbirds!!

    Since early spring I’ve become a favorite hang out for Brown-headed Cowbirds and even Red-winged Blackbirds. Apparently they often hang out together. The Cowbirds are certainly not the prettiest of birds but I really love their song. They’ve taken to scavenging around for corn and chicken scratch leftover from the chickens and the deer. The […]

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  • The Quiet Moments of the Simple Life

    Life is strange. I know that right now in the Gulf a tragedy is unfolding as oil continues to gush out of the sea floor and spread ever further across the waters. I know that huge storms have created hardships in Tennessee and elsewhere. I know that in Iraq, Afghanistan and in many other countries […]

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  • The Morning Crew

    These are the folks I wake up to. I couldn’t ask for a better start to a day. P.s. Notice the new deck! Not new actually but salvaged and relatively intact. This thing was heavy as can be because it was made of oak many years ago. It has served as a porch for thee […]