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  • My iPad Guilt

    So, I finally have internet access at the cabin thanks to a new iPad. On the one hand I’m happy to have easy access again. I like going into town to get online as it usually fits with my schedule of errands and meetings but it also means I go in more than I should. […]

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  • Visiting Adventurers!

    This past Friday I was in town distributing the annual reports and map brochures for the Fredericktown Revitalization Initiative and I came across a couple of traveling folks talking to Bill in front of the library. It was kinda funny how quickly I knew that these were “my people” even from across the square. Living […]

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  • Happy Bees and other news

    I finally did a bee hive inspection yesterday and have good news to report: a very full hive! In fact, I’ve gone ahead and ordered two more honey supers for a total of three. I’m in an ideal pollen situation surrounded by autumn olives, red buds, and dogwoods just to name a few of the […]