• Citizenship
  • Dumbed Down and Out

    I was getting caught up on a couple of my regular web reads and came across this comment by voxpop to a recent blog post by Jim Kunstler. …I would like to believe that Americans, when pushed to their limits, would rise up en mass against the corporate greed that holds them in check. But […]

  • Ecology
  • Taking of Life

    Deer hunting is in full swing these days. Last weekend my brother and uncle both shot deer. The taking of life is something I’ve been thinking about lately. A month ago I wrote about the two dogs I had to kill. I’ve thought about them off and on since that day and last weekend went […]

  • Living Simply
  • Recycled kitchen table and other projects

    When I first moved into the cabin in May of 2008 I was loaned/given a little kitchen table which, while very functional, didn’t really fit. It was in great shape, like new really, but was an 80’s style particle board deal that just didn’t feel right. I finally got around to making the table that […]