Garden in full swing

So much happening!! We’ve had gobs of rain these past couple months, so much that I’ve had trouble finding time between rain to plant. Just as we get a break and the soil begins to dry just enough to dig in it rains again and turns it all to mud. That said I’ve been able to sneak in 40 of my 80 tomatoes, five heirloom varieties. 12 of the 21 comfreys have been planted around four fruit trees. Basil, nasturtiums, zinnias and cosmos all planted with more many, many seeds of those still to go in other places. Many varieties of eggplant and pepper, about 60 plants are needing to be transplanted into pots from their seed trays. I’ve got mounds of soil waiting around the edges of the food forest for squashes and melons. Those will get planted in another week or so, when the soil warms just a tad bit more. Speaking of food forests all the trees and bushes are off to a good start. I’ve found what appear to be gooseberries growing wild around here and will be transplanting them and observing to confirm that they are indeed gooseberries. Much to done but much more to do!

The bees have settled in nicely. The queen is out and laying eggs and the others are all busy gathering pollen. The chickens are all growing up very fast. I’ve taken to calling them my clucking cuties.

In construction news, We’ve cleared the area where we will be building the kids cabin. This will be an 8×12 cabin with a very large loft and should be big enough for 2-3 kids to sleep in. When my sister and her family move down this will be a place for the kids’ stuff as well as a playhouse and guest house. We’ve got lot’s of salvaged wood to build it so the cost should be minimal, mostly insulation and siding.

I hope to post a few photos soon.

Oh, and we had a crazy storm here last week. Winds of 80-100 mph which were sustained for 20 to 30 minutes. At the time I thought this is crazy, seems like a hurricane and sure enough, they are calling it an inland hurricane. Damn thing even had a defined eye. We had minimal damage because the tornado 3 years ago cleared out many of the biggest branches of the trees it did not destroy. In town though they’ve had major damage to homes and trees. Climate change in action.

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3 thoughts on “Garden in full swing

  1. Kevin Carson

    Totally understand what you’re going through. Here in NW Ark., we haven’t had three solid days without rain since Easter. I got desperate enough to put my tomatoes in the ground last week that I decided to risk severe soil impaction by digging deep holes and just filling them in with compost I’d bought. But less than a foot down there was nothing but wet clay muck, and the water started filling the hole in. So I quit in disgust.

    After Wednesday, gives a stretch of about eight days with 20% or less of rain. But given their record, they’ll probably change it to 80% in a few days.

    I’m sick of this. It makes the sugar ants swarm indoors and causes the doors to swell up and stick, on top of everything else.

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