• Living Simply
  • New Cabin Progress!

    We’ve started work on a new cabin which will serve as a place for the kids to sleep and play, especially during the next several months as we work on Kerry and Greg’s cabin. The original idea was to rebuild Emma’s playhouse but as we realized that the space would actually be more than a […]

  • Living Simply
  • Junior and Waffle

    Meet the newest residents here at the homestead! Junior the rooster and Waffle the hen have landed and are now getting acquainted with the fellow chickens. Tomorrow I’ll be having two or three eggs for breakfast thanks to Waffle. Two very beautiful birds!! Technorati Tags:Food, Food Production, Homesteading, Living Simply, Permaculture, Self Reliance, Chickens

  • Climate Change
  • Garden in full swing

    So much happening!! We’ve had gobs of rain these past couple months, so much that I’ve had trouble finding time between rain to plant. Just as we get a break and the soil begins to dry just enough to dig in it rains again and turns it all to mud. That said I’ve been able […]

  • Living Simply
  • The Bees Have Landed

    Yesterday morning at 6 am I got the call from the Fredericktown post office that the bees had arrived. Lickity split I got up and mixed up a spray bottle of sugar water and was on the way. I was back home by about 6:50 and quickly changed clothes and gathered up the few things […]