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  • Morel

    Thanks to my nephew Jake for finding it and this is his photograph as well. I ate the mushroom though… my first and boy was it good! Now I understand why they are so sought after and I know I’ll be looking for them too. I sauteed this one and then scrambled it with three […]

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  • Pesto with Hickory Nuts!

    A couple weeks ago I wrote about using dandelion greens with basil for making pesto and today I have another variation on that. I’ve got gobs of kale coming up in the garden so I wanted to try mixing those in with the basil and dandelion but realized that I had no pine nuts. But […]

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  • Busy Birds and Bees

    As I sit waiting for my evening coffee to brew I’m reading through a variety of news feeds and listening to the frogs and birds outside. A Carolina Wren just landed on the corner of the front porch and is carrying on about something important. It has been a rainy couple of days so not […]

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  • Zebra Swallowtail

    I’ve been seeing these around but usually while I’m working, hands dirty and no camera around. Went out this morning to work on the path to the kiwi arbor in the food forest and saw one nectaring from the Autumn Olive so I grabbed the camera and got a few shots. Technorati Tags:Ecology, Food, Food […]

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  • Food Forest and Garden Update

    I’ve got seedlings everywhere: 70 tomatoes of 5 varieties, 40 peppers of 5 varieties, 70 eggplant of 5 varieties and 22 comfrey. The remaining cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi, about 40 plants total, will be getting transplanted into the garden tomorrow. The peas and fava beans are all up as are lettuce, radish, spinach, kale and […]

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  • Dandelion and Basil

    I grew some Basil in a pot this winter. Not alot but almost enough to make decent batches of pesto. I had the thought this morning that I just needed a bit more to stretch it so why not substitute in a bowl of dandelion greens? I made the decision last year that I would […]