• Living Simply
  • Chicken Coop Greenhouse

    We’ve nearly finished the chicken coop greenhouse! The Coop is pretty much finished and the 23 chicks will be coming down this weekend. We still have to put the light in and finish up the chicken run on the east side. At some point we’ll be installing my 2 small solar panels on the roof […]

  • Capitalism
  • Deepening Crisis

    Oh yes, I know that the stock market had an orgie of a day yesterday on the news of the schemes being cooked up by the Obama administration to deal with the toxic assets currently in the financial system. More of the same and it won’t work because it is a refusal to deal with […]

  • Ecology
  • The Sunset Party

    Fantastic color last night. We’ve had more and more ducks showing up day-to-day. For a week there were maybe 5 and then 10 and suddenly there were 200 or more out there. They’re not close enough to get a good look but no matter, I’m just glad they are out there. Now that spring has […]

  • Living Simply
  • Spring Garden Updates

    Lots of progress this past week. The tomatoes have all come up and will be transplanted into a variety of re-used plastic containers tonight. The broccoli and cabbage have all been planted out to the garden. A row of sugar snap peas is planted along the garden fence with another row going in this week. […]