Beeeeees and other updates

Yes indeedy. The hive and various bits of equipment arrived yesterday. I’ll get that set-up and painted in the next week or two. The bees will arrive sometime mid April. Sweet!!

I’ve started flats of broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, and kale. I’ve ordered four hardy kiwi vines which will arrive sometime in mid March to be planted at the base of the arbor which will be built on the west side of the food forest. Thanks to Roger who works for the local utility I’ll also be getting several loads of mulch delivered in the next few weeks, probably 3-5 loads which will be more than we can use.

My first experiment with fermentation went well! I successfully fermented a head of cabbage into sauerkraut which I’ve already eaten! I started eating it after about nine days. I’ll start another batch next week and will be using two heads instead of one. I was not sure how it would turn out or what I would even eat with it. What I discovered was that since it was pretty salty it was a great addition to vegetable soup. I just put a big spoonful on top of each bowl and stirred it in a bit but did not cook it as that would destroy some or all the good live bacteria culture. I could probably let it go longer since my cabin stays cooler the fermentation is slower. I imagine if I’d left it go another week before starting to eat the end of it would have been a bit more sour.

Oh. I almost forgot the chicken update. In addition to the five chicks Jake hatched two weeks ago they (Jake and Greg) bought another 10 chicks of different varieties. But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Another ten were ordered. Yes, they have lost their minds. So, we’ll have a larger flock of chickens than I expected but Greg and Jake are confident we can handle it. WE being the keyword there. If need be we could always sell a few as there always folks looking to buy a few hens. We’ll see how it goes.

Lots of little steps all adding up to a good bit of progress I think!

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2 thoughts on “Beeeeees and other updates

  1. freebox

    You got your bees? Awesome! The one piece of advice I have is to do your hive chores on cold cloudy days when the bees aren’t as active and busy (it bugs them less to have you around when they’re sleepy and sluggish).

    I wish I could say I had veggies going…maybe I should get with the program, that would probably help me get out of this winter funk and get more connected with spring.

    Kiwi vines are awesome! I don’t have a big enough space for them here, but I happily pick them in alleys all over town where they dangle within arm’s reach.

    I wish I had a free source of mulch…I don’t think you can EVER have too much mulch.

    I’m glad to hear you’re embracing the fermentation after making fun of me for making kimchi and sauerkraut all those years ago! 😉

    And yes it is great in soup. I too never cook it…wouldn’t want to nuke those friendly microbes. Plus the crunch texture is kinda nice. BTW, if you save some of the juice, you can also add a little to vegetable soup and that will make it even more healthful (and interesting).

  2. denny

    actually, i just have the hive boxes. they’ll be shipping the bees at the end of april. and yes, about the kimchi and sauerkraut, i really had a goofy/immature view of it… i think the strong smell combined with the idea of eating food full of microbial life grossed me out. now that i have a better understanding of it i’m embracing it completely. i was just telling someone the other day about you and my regret that i’d not been more open minded about eating your good, healthy treats!!

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