A Life in Transition

My niece Emma wanted to contribute a story and I told her I’d happily post it.

I come down to the Lake about every other weekend. It is a great place to be. Sometimes I here my mom talk about the memories that she had at the Lake. In the summer my family and I go swimming in the Lake. My dog even went swimming (she didn’t like it). My great grandpa makes pigs in a blanket. They are tasty.

I live in Barnhart, with lots of chickens. We are thinking about moving to the Lake. I say It’s a rough life. Sometimes I even cry in my Bathroom. Any how, I have only been to Cowboy Coffee once and, when I took a sip of there coco I felt that I belonged in the Small Town. I’ve always wanted to go to the museum. I wonder what is in the museum. All the people that I saw were all very nice. Sometimes I think if we are going to get a sheep for the Lake. If we did, I would shave it and sell some of the wool at the Farmer’s Market. The first time I went to the Farmer’s Market I saw bunnies! I wanted to cuddle with one of them so bad.

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