• Conservation
  • Coming together

    Well, the cabin is very nearly finished. As of early November the kitchen was finished with re-used/recycled sink and cabinets. The sink drains gray water to a woodland water garden. No running water just yet, that will come in the springtime. Until then I’ll be carrying it from the well and storing it in water […]

  • Climate Change
  • The right way to burn wood

    An excellent site for those that use wood as a primary source of heat. Actually, good for anyone using a wood burning stove but especially important for those that burn alot. Wood Heat.org provides all the details for burning wood most efficiently. If you’re concerned about climate change and I hope you are this is […]

  • Citizenship
  • This small town

    I spent many days every summer at the lake. When we weren’t fishing or in the woods we would sometimes take a ride into Fredericktown. Not my hometown but I feel connected to it more than any other Missouri town. Now that I’ve moved to the lake I’m making new memories that blur and blend […]

  • Conservation
  • Quiet days

    Still here. Enjoying the still days of early winter. The wood stove is now burning every day. The lake is beginning to freeze over in places. The full moon shown through before the clouds rolled in last night and it was beautiful. There is nothing better than the calm of the woods in the winter. […]