Weekly Update: We have produce!

I’m happy to say that I’ve eaten the first produce from the garden. In the past week I’ve eaten the first bell pepper, swiss chard and lettuce. This week I’ll also be eating the first tomatoes and early next week I should have the first yellow squash and cucumbers! The zucchinis are in full bloom and will also be producing soon and some of the basil is also close to harvest.

I spent four days last week hauling water from the lake for the weekly watering of the 17 fruit trees as well as the daily watering of the new beds of lettuce, chard and broccoli. Eventually those little seedlings will be large enough to shade their surrounding soil and won’t need as much watering.

I’ve also started an experiment with the very nutrient rich lake muck for watering. Another one of those aha! moments and something I probably should have been doing weeks ago. Just a few shovelfuls of the watery muck which I’m getting at the water’s edge should be an excellent source of nutrients for the garden plants. My guess is that it would be very similar to composted manure. I do not know what the exact nutrient breakdown is so I’m going easy and only using it on two tomatoes, two peppers, a patch of basil and a patch of beets. Will use it again this week on the same plants and see how it goes.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: We have produce!

  1. freebox

    I’m thinking your algae compost might help serve as a water-retaining mulch…

    I too am finally enjoying garden produce around here. I must have 50 lbs of kale out there that I need to figure out how to use. My peppers are getting close, and I’m just starting to get squashed by squash. It’s been fun digging out my cookbooks in a frantic effort to cope with the prolific efforts of my overly exuberant squash plants.
    No tomatoes as of yet, it’s been too chilly for them to ripen properly, so they’re just kinda hanging out there being green on the vine. I’m definitely looking forward to cucumbers and hoping my corn does something this year.

    I’ve got tons of bees and hoverflies because my catnip’s blooming like mad. It’s hard to believe it’s time to sow fall/winter crops, I better get about it…

    Happy gardening!

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