2 thoughts on “New England Aster

  1. Irregular Jonathan

    Denny, how are you getting these photographs? They’re fantastic! Have you got a special lens?

    Glad to see you’ve gotten back online – I’ve been suffering a lot of disillusionment in the interest of people to act, or even to pay attention, myself. The stakes are too high to give up. So, I’ve been doing a lot of heavy sighing, and forcing myself to go ahead. Very disappointing times.

  2. denny

    Thanks Jonathan. Yeah, I splurged earlier this year on a digital slr when my old camera died after 6 good years. I use a 60mm macro lens which lets me get really close and I use a large aperture such as 2.8 to get a shallow depth of field that helps create a sense that the photo is a painting.

    Yeah, I’m still around. Of course I’m reading gobs everyday… I scour far too many rss feeds but I have sunk to a point lower than anytime before in my life in terms of hope for the future. I suppose, at least for the moment, my way of acting is to try to capture the little details of beauty and mix them with a message centered on my primary concern of climate change.

    I do agree the stakes are high… too high to give up. That said, in the past year I’ve come to feel a sense of doom regarding the future. I think my current mode is to do the best that I can to minimize my negative impact in terms of climate change. Of course there is sooo much more that is in this picture in terms of Iraq, Iran, the U.S. political system, global economy, culture…. so many considerations… variables. So much to do (or not do) and so many people who just don’t seem to care. You know, Kevin Federline just got custody of the kids!! And Lindsey is out of rehab, isn’t that swell?

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