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  • Winter Sunset

    Winter Sunset After five years my Nikon CoolPix has finally called it quits. I’ve wanted a digital slr for a long while but put it off many times. Most of my photos from the past year were taken with a GL2 which is not bad for a video camera. Thanks to the GL2 zoom I’ve […]

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  • Climate change and the meat industry

    With the exception of a handful of catfish I’ve been a vegetarian since 1989 but it’s never been a focus of my activism. I think factory farming is a terrible thing for animals and the environment. I also think a meat centered diet is not healthy for humans. That’s my reasoning and it still stands. […]

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  • A new time frame for climate change

    Take a look at all of the climate change reporting of the past two years and you will see two things. First, you will see that the words “worse than scientists previously thought” over and over. Another pattern you will see that the timeframe mentioned is always 100 years. Folks, this has to change. The […]

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  • Game over on global warming?

    Alan Zarembo of the Los Angeles Times has written the most sobering and in my opinion, honest assessment of the global warming scenario. There’s no sugar coating when he asks: Game over on global warming? This is exactly what I’ve been thinking and writing. It’s not pretty and the danger with this kind of truth […]

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  • Bush and Co. lied to get their war…

    Now that they have it they refuse to take responsibility for it. Mithras of Fables of the Reconstruction takes a look at one particular conservative mouthpiece: Charles Krauthammer: Iraq is their country. We midwifed their freedom. They chose civil war. “We midwifed”? No. You, you asshole. Your fault. You and your friends who thought it […]