• Arctic
  • Ice shelf collapses in Canada

    Guardian Unlimited reports that a Giant ice island breaks off Arctic shelf. You’ll note those magic words that I’ve been pointing out as a common phrase in all climate change news: “What surprised us was how quickly it happened.” An ice island the size of a small city is adrift in the Arctic after breaking […]

  • Climate Change
  • Birds, Bears, and Climate Change

    Some European birds delay migration due to warmth: OSLO (Reuters) – Some European birds have failed to fly south for the winter, apparently lured to stay by weeks of mild weather that experts widely link to global warming. Birds including robins, thrushes and ducks that would normally fly south from Scandinavia, for instance, have been […]

  • Climate Change
  • Oceans Warming and Rising

    From the Inter Press Service, Oceans Warming and Rising: Ocean levels will rise faster than expected if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, a leading German researcher warns. Using data from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Stefan Rahmstorf, professor of physics of the oceans at the University of Potsdam near Berlin estimates […]

  • Climate Change
  • Europe wonders where the snow is

    Well in Missouri we’re having our 4th straight year of no winter. Instead we’re having an extended fall that turns into spring. Snow has become a rare event and has been replaced by winter rain and flower blossoms. According to Peter Finn of the Washington Post Europe is also looking for snow: Scattered flurries teased […]

  • Climate Change
  • Greenhouse Gas Is Ramping Up Fast

    From Discovery News, Greenhouse Gas Is Ramping Up Fast: The latest real-world measurements of carbon dioxide levels in Earth’s atmosphere show that it’s increasing at breakneck speed, despite some preliminary efforts in some parts of the world to rein in fossil fuel burning — the main source of the surplus greenhouse gas. The new data […]

  • Memphis
  • My amazing Memphis friends

    Yes, I’m very lucky to know so many fantastic folk! Here’s a good one of Chris and Valerie. I just finished her website a few months back, have a look. Chris has moved into deCleyre and given it new life… great talent and giving hearts. Yup. Technorati Tags: Memphis