• Capitalism
  • Of politics and a warming planet

    Regarding the recent U.S. elections Ted Glick writes that it was Not the Revolution, But an Opening: Fundamental, revolutionary, political and social change is clearly needed in the USA and the world. Corporate domination of the economic and political system and mass culture is a huge threat to the possibilities for a decent and sustainable […]

  • Climate Change
  • Peak Oil and Climate Change Round-up

    From the NewScientist we read the news that Carbon emissions rising faster than ever: Far from slowing down, global carbon dioxide emissions are rising faster than before, said a gathering of scientists in Beijing on Friday. Between 2000 and 2005, emissions grew four times faster than in the preceding 10 years, according to researchers at […]

  • Climate Change
  • Time travel and climate change

    In reply to my last post Kyle asked: Denny, you and I and many others know that there is nothing natural about the rate and the way in which the Earth is warming…. especially when the catastrophic affects are so scary. I was wondering how you go about convincing others who believe the warming of […]