Do the right thing?

It’s been a month, eh? Thought I’d poke my head out for a looksee. Actually, I was motivated by this movie created by my friend Jonathan over at Irregular Times.

We have a very serious choice to make about our future. It’s a choice I’ve been writing about for a good long while, choice between citizenship or consumer, between responsibility or neglect. As Jonathan puts it:

Yesterday, the President of the United States announced that he has set up a secret system of prisoner of war camps in which people are being interrogated using torture techniques. He also asked the Congress to undo the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, an essential part of the Bill of Rights which guarantees us all the right to confront our accusers when we are put on trial. Bush asked for the right to convict people of crimes using secret evidence that the accused and their lawyers never get to see.

Things are getting very, very frightening here in America. Yet, many Americans don’t seem to care, no matter how much I write about how our government is being transformed into a totalitarian regime.

What will you do?

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