• Empire
  • More steps taken towards the next illegal war

    Not a surprise at all. With each day it looks like Bush and his fellow war criminal lunatics are moving closer to the next stupid war of aggression. Of course the corporate media, as they did with Iraq, is going along for the ride. No sir, no need to question anything, just faithfully regurgitate the […]

  • Citizenship
  • American Stupidity and Willful Ignorance

    The Martian Anthropologist, in discussing Keith Olbermann’s recent ‘How Dare You, Mr. President,’ has this this to say about his fellow Americans: I’d like to add that it is not only the President who is to blame; it is the majority of Americans. The older I get, the more I realize how stupid U.S. citizens […]

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  • ‘Drastic’ shrinkage in Arctic ice

    Richard Black reports for the BBC: A Nasa satellite has documented startling changes in Arctic sea ice cover between 2004 and 2005.The extent of “perennial” ice – thick ice which remains all year round – declined by 14%, losing an area the size of Pakistan or Turkey. The last few decades have seen ice cover […]

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  • Saddam, 9/11, and the effects of propaganda

    Wouza. This is great clip. As reported by a recent poll, nearly half of America still believe the Bush propaganda that Saddam was connected to 9/11. This guy correctly nails the corporate media in their role for allowing this to persist. This is a must watch. Watch Young Turk’s righteous anger over CNN poll (video): […]

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  • Do the right thing?

    It’s been a month, eh? Thought I’d poke my head out for a looksee. Actually, I was motivated by this movie created by my friend Jonathan over at Irregular Times. We have a very serious choice to make about our future. It’s a choice I’ve been writing about for a good long while, choice between […]