Israeli War Crimes

Your U.S. tax dollars hard at work. So I guess we can add these war crimes on to our list of war crimes in Iraq? Just as I think I could not be any more disgusted with the conduct of my fellow humans and governments, particularly the U.S. and its allies… it just gets more fucked up everyday.

It’s a funny thing in our world that the most well armed nations get to define terrorism. Yeah. Very funny.

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3 thoughts on “Israeli War Crimes

  1. Jon

    Where is the War Crimes you are crying about? Actually it is Hezbollah that is committing War Crimes since they are launching unguided rockets at civilain targets at least Israel is targeting Hezbollah strongholds.

  2. Marinade Dave

    Let me get this straight. You’re basically saying that if I go up to a 350 lb. man and punch him in the gut, he can’t retaliate because he’s a brute to begin with? And so is his bigger brother? I guess, then, that it’s those 2 big brothers who are 100% to blame even though I hit them first?

    With that sort of rationale, I assume you would give Cuba absolute authority to target Miami to kill all those expatriated Catholic infidels living there. And if given permission by you, the US would not be able to use force against them. Well, maybe a little, but no more than what Cuba hit Miami with. Sure. Right.

    By the way, our perceived terrorists have the perception that we are the terrorists. Does that mean the LEAST well armed nations get to define terrorism, too? Yeah. Very funny.

    Just out of curiosity, how many wars has Israel started?

  3. denny

    hey jon. first, i’m not crying but thanks for offering the tissue.

    so, israel is targeting “hezbollah strongholds”? strange. most of the reporting i’m seeing indicates that they are killing mostly civilians… but we wouldn’t want the truth to get in the way here would we? i doubt you bothered but if you see there in my post, the last of it, i provide a link to more details of various aspects of the war crimes.

    dave, i don’t agree with your analogy, nice try though it is way too simplistic.

    if you read through my blog you’ll see other posts and one in particular that deals with the idea of proportionality. see, israel is responding in a way that far exceeds any crime against it. the brutes of the world (the u.s. and in this particular case, israel) have no problem brutalizing but when those that have been brutalized fight back they are called terrorists. it’s not that simple… there’s a history of u.s. foreign policy… say, the past 60 years that explains what we see unfolding in the middle east right now. and there’s a history too with israel and it’s neighbors.

    to use your analogy, see, the 350 lb man and his brother have a long history of beating up on the you and the other smaller, weaker folk. it’s not his strength that should be the focus, but his history of using his strength to dominate you. when we discuss who hits who in a scenario it really should be a discussion that takes into the account context and history. i think most folks would rather not deal with the history but conflicts such as this are all about history.

    one last note, i’m not a christian, muslim, or jew. i’m agnostic and i’m not going to side with any of these entities based on religion. in fact, i’m not really in “support” of any of these conflicting parties.

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