Java Cabana

Be one of the first visitors to the website I just finished for Java Cabana! I should say it’s almost finished as we are still fine tuning the content. Not a huge site, not too fancy… but I think it has turned out quite well. If I’ve never professed my love for the Java let me do so now. My favorite Memphis coffee shop with many memories of the place going all the way to the early days in 1992. There’s nothing in this world as tasty as a Java Shake.

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2 thoughts on “Java Cabana

  1. banana

    wow it makes me want to go and get a cup of coffee there and hang out and hope to be there when some traveling activists come through to teach me about something important going on that I didn’t know about.

    one thing, D — is that text supposed to be at the bottom of the front page, are you still working on the site or something?

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