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  • The Oil Discussion is way off base

    The folks over at The Oil Drum have an excellent post regarding the current state of discussion regarding high prices at the pump. As anyone who has studied peak oil knows, the discussion going on in the political realm and U.S. society in general is far off base. In fact, the discussion is not even […]

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  • Garter Snake

    The snakes have woken from there winter naps! Every spring we have two or three Garter snakes that have made it a habit of visiting our little garden pond for their first frog meals. I left alot more leaves in this year and thus far I don’t think any frogs have been eaten.

    Yeah, I know, I know. The snake has to eat too and as much as I appreciate the snakes and their need to eat, I still have a hard time watching or listening as a frog is eaten… and yes, they make quite a racket as they are going down.

    Also worth noting, we have lots of Leopard Frog eggs in the pond so we should be seeing some tadpoles soon. Within the next couple weeks the Gray Tree Frogs will also start breeding… that usually happens once night time temperatures average mid 60s. I’m guessing the first or second week of May.

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  • America’s Iraq

    It’s time again for a little Iraq check-in. We’ll start with some photographs of the real situation in Iraq, photographs that American news outlets systematically refuse to print. Warning: they are graphic. Unlike U.S. audiences that view a cleaned up CNN version of Iraq, these sorts of uncensored scenes are shown on Arab satellite television […]

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  • Java Cabana

    Be one of the first visitors to the website I just finished for Java Cabana! I should say it’s almost finished as we are still fine tuning the content. Not a huge site, not too fancy… but I think it has turned out quite well. If I’ve never professed my love for the Java let […]

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  • Biolab lies catching up to Bush

    The Washington Post is reporting that Bush knew the truth but ignored it when he repeatedly asserted that the trailers were biolabs. Yes, I know, it’s a big surprise that Bush and Co. lied. Damn hell, how many lies could one man tell? Just think of all the potential with the buildup to war on […]

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  • Iran

    Lots going on right now as the War Criminal in Chief prepares his second war of aggression, this time against a nation that will be able to defend itself: Iran. If Bush gets his way we are in a great deal of trouble. The mess caused by the crime against Iraq has largely been contained […]

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  • Peak Oil on Global Players

    I just finished watching Global Players with Sabine Christiansen which was a discussion of oil. Various important oil folk were there: Edmund Maduabebe Daukoru (Nigerian minister of State for Petroleum Resources, President of the OPEC Conference), Malcolm Brinded (Group Managing director Roy Dutch/Shell), Claude Mandil (Executive Director of IEA), Kevin Rosner (Institute for Analysis of […]