Over 11,000 FEMA trailers sit unused in Arkansas

Ah yes, the efficiency of government and capitalism. Check the New York Times article:

WASHINGTON, Feb. 13 — Mobile homes worth hundreds of millions of dollars are deteriorating in a muddy field in Arkansas and may never be used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina because of a dispute over where to install them, federal officials acknowledged Monday.

Only about 2,700 of the 25,000 mobile homes ordered at a cost of $850 million have been installed, and at least 10,000 are sitting in Hope, Ark., according to documents and statements from Federal Emergency Management Agency officials. Though about 55,000 Louisiana families are still waiting for a manufactured housing unit, the mobile homes may never be used because FEMA regulations prohibit them from being installed in flood-prone coastal areas, federal officials said.

Members of a Senate committee investigating the response to Hurricane Katrina called the mobile home episode an appalling example of government stumbling.

George Bush and his administration: Awesome! I’ve said it before, these guys are doing an excellent job, a thorough job of destroying America as a world empire. Of course as a part of that process they are also destroying America domestically. I’m convinced that they will continue to pound the country until election time in a couple years then they will abolish the Constitution that they already ignore. By that time the situation may be obvious enough, domestic conditions bad enough, that comfortable Americans might get off their asses and do something.

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