New Abu Ghraib Photos

The folks at Irregular Times have posted the recently released Abu Ghraib photos What America Hath Wrought:

Since it appears that the American news media is going to continue to patronize us and decide what is best for us to see and not to see, we’ll have to do an end run around the media and distribute these photos ourselves. To that end, the following is the most complete set of new Abu Ghraib photos that I could scrabble together. These represent a reminder to us of the damage America has wrought.

Of course, it is much, much worse than even these photos indicate. I’m sure they’ve buried the worst stuff in as deep a hole they could dig. We’ve become a nation of war criminals.

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3 thoughts on “New Abu Ghraib Photos

  1. J. Clifford

    Hey, Denny. Thanks for linking to these photos. Too bad that, right now, the link is dead.

    News about Irregular Times as of last night is that we are experiencing a DDOS attack – distributed denial of service. The dedicated server on which we have and our other political web sites has been taken completely off line by our host because the attack was so massive that it was disrupting their entire system.

    I regard this as good news. It means that the enemies of our values are afraid enough of Irregular Times that they felt the need to shut us down and shut us up.

    It means that we have landed a body blow to the opponents of liberty. It means that our free speech is making a difference – it’s a threat to those who want us to live in fear.

    So, instead of being deterred, instead of being afraid, we are now more determined than ever to keep speaking out. We will be amplifying our voice in response to this attack, not cutting back in reaction.

    We are hoping to get some information about where this attack came from. We’ve made lots of enemies: Republicans, Islamic fundamentalists, wanna-be Christian theocrats, Buddhist followers of Ram Bomjon, and more corporations than I could count come to mind.

    The word now is that our host will be back to us within a couple hours with some “decision” – but they won’t tell us anything until then. As we are maneuvering to figure out how we will resurrect ourselves, I want to encourage you to keep on speaking up.

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