What’s more ridiculous than protesting of cartoons?

Just thinking about all this craziness regarding the protests of the cartoons of Mohammed. What I really want to know is why are Americans not protesting at a similar level of intensity an illegal war based upon a nasty soup of lies? Our passivity is equally fucked up.

It’s truly insane. Over the past 3-4 years I’ve struggled to keep up with the reasons for protest. Of course there is the illegal war against Iraq but there’s alot within that which should not be forgotten or passed over such as the use white phosporus and torture. NSA spying and the federal lack of response to Katrina… these are just some of the highlights. The list goes on.

What’s the response by the citizens of the US? More shopping. Yeah, something’s gone very wrong.

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2 thoughts on “What’s more ridiculous than protesting of cartoons?

  1. Richard S.

    I’ve been thinking for years that people should be taking to the streets over the lack of access to “affordable” healthcare, which is gettting drastically worse. (I put “affordable” in quotes, because healthcare is not even something one should have to afford – it’s not even an issue to the citizens of many countries in the world.) I would bet that a lot of people are dying or unnecessarily suffering from permanent injury because of this problem – casualties in an anacknowledged class war.

  2. Brian

    The street protests are in response to the cartoons in much the same way as the L.A. riots were in response to the Rodney King beatings.

    I don’t think either were ridiculous.

    I enjoy your blog and read it often.

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