Heading out… to camp!

Well, after a few days of uncertainty it looks as though a few friends are coming into town and we’ll be camping at the family lake for a few days. What?! Me away from my PowerBook for a week? Yes, quite possible. We’ll be camping for at least three or four days, possibly more. This actually comes at a good time. I probably need a break from the digital realm, if only for a week.
About the lake… 300 acres of rolling hills, glades, woodland, and a bit of grassland. Lake is full of bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie… and more. Yup, this is a place i may one day call home. I’m looking into the possibility of building a cabin and down the road who knows. I’m fairly certain this is land that could support the family if need be. It will take some work but between the fish and the potential for gardens… it’s certainly on my mind as I watch the approach of both short-term and long-term energy crisis. Folks that know me know that I’ve been struggling to exist in this world… moving off into the woods is a very real possibility for me.
In many ways I’ve spent the past 15 years living a life that has prepared me for a self reliant existence. As I’ve posted here before it is my belief that it is only a matter of time before America will be forced into a radical restructuring that will require decentralization of food and energy production. I guess I’m thinking I’ll get a head start.
My basic plan is to start with a small simple cabin and from there I’ll have a comfortable base from which to develop the gardens and experiment with building cob structures. I suppose I have not totally committed to the project but it seems to be one of the best options.

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