The Gulf Coast Clusterfuck

The Bulldog Manifesto has a great post on the criminal ineptitude going on in the Gulf Coast:

What a clusterfuck of ineptitude we are witnessing in New Orleans. The richest nation in the world cannot even muster an organized emergency response? Is this a bad dream? This is what is left of our government now that the free market fundamentalists have gotten a hold of it.

Ya know, when all this started… as of Tuesday it seemed obvious that thousands would be dead as a direct result of the storm. I did not imagine that the response of the Federal Government would be so completely ineffective. How many thousands more will die as a direct result of the completely botched, disorganized disaster response?

Bush and Co., FEMA, Homeland Security… um, what the fuck? I’ll add that if I hear one more time that no one could predict this I’m going to loose it. It was predicted. The levee breaches have been predicted for years yet funding for improvements and maintenance were consistently cut. Hellfire, the text of the Weather Service warnings the day before the hurricane perfectly predicted the damage.

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