Conyers Pushing the Downing Street Memo Today

Holy cow, CNN, via AP, is actually covering today’s public hearing:

Bush should respond to questions raised by the Downing Street memo, says a letter signed by Conyers and over 90 other members of Congress, as well as a half-million Americans.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan dismissed the memo on Thursday and indicated that no one in the White House plans to respond to the letter.

“This is simply rehashing old debates that have already been discussed,” he said.

Ha. Scott McCLellan, you mother fucker, I hope you go to jail to for your role in delivering all the lies. In any case, CNN has hardly touched the matter. I’ve been watching (the cable version) for the past 30 minutes and not a single mention yet. On the “Headline News” version of CNN they did have some very important coverage of a California police chase though so I think we can forgive them! I think we can all agree that the Downing Street Memo and other evidence regarding impeachable offenses committed by the current U.S. President are trivial when compared to car chases!

Fucktards. U.S. corporate media, a pack of sniveling liars and idiots.

In any case, William Rivers Pitt live blogged the event so I thought I’d post a few nuggets:

Comes now Ray McGovern

Starting with a videoclip: Powell saying in Feb. 2001 that Hussein had no WMD and was no threat, and then Condi in July 2001 saying exactly the same thing.
Boom. Devastating. “Reflect on that,” says McGovern.
“After 9/11, the story abruptly changed. Suddenly, Iraq had all manner of weapons and posed an immediate threat. How do you explain that? The Downing Street Minutes.”
Thanking the man who made these documents available.

Intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.

“The anatomy of a lie.”
Running the chronology, starting in August 2002, which was just 10 weeks after Bush and Blair decided to go to war, Cheney begins the ramp-up about WMD in Iraq. “This was a lie.” Weapons were destroyed in 1991.
This is a devastating presentation. I am barely able to keep up. Watch the rebroadcast of this.

Nailing Cheney for going to CIA headquarters

to fix the intelligence and lean on the analysts. As a CIA guy, McGovern is voicing his outrage over the “deliberate subversion” of the oath to protect and defend the constiotution.
“We’re not talking about Georgetown parlor games here. These are consequential, death-dealing lies.” Mocking Bush for pretending to look for WMD at the Correspondent’s Dinner. Sheehan’s son was killed 11 days “after that big joke.”
“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Thanks to the Downing Street Minutes, we now know the truth. Will we have the courage to pursue the purveyors of consequential falsehoods?”
I hope so.

Impeachment talk

in the Capitol Building. Now bringing up Watergate, and Rep. Barbara Jordan’s words from 1974. “It is designed to bridle the Executive if he engages in excesses.”
“The question must now be asked: Whether the President has committed impeachable offenses. Is it a high crime?”
Lie to the people, manipulate intelligence, commit felony via submission of false report to Congress justifying military action – impeachable offenses?
Hammering on that last one, March 18 2003 letter to Congress, formal declaration, “Military action against Iraq necessary to protect the nation…Military action was consistent with US actions against terrorism, including against nations that planned and aided 9/11.”
If DSM is true, Bush’s 3/18 letter to Congress violates several federal laws, several felonies.

House has constitutional duty…
…to investigate this matter and consider impeachment. A Resolution of Inquiry is required.”
“If the President has committed High Crimes in this matter, he must be held accountable. The constitution requires no less.”

Maxine Waters speaking now
Asking McGovern about Cheney visits to CIA, several visits, to lean on the analysts. Talking about the Halliburton no-bid contracts. “This Vice President appears to be more than arrogant. He appears not to be concerned about what the American people think.”
Many of us believe there was a manipulation on intelligence. Please elaborate on Cheney visits to CIA and the manipulation of intelligence.

McGovern: Cheney visit to CIA unprecedented. In my 27 years did a sitting VP come to CIA headquarters. Cheney went between 8 and 12 times. Put yourself in the position of a young analyst trying to find the truth. Now comes Cheney, along with Tenet (who should have been protecting his people from stuff like this). Terrible pressure on the analysts. “Management of CIA has been so corrupted and politicized, I wonder if they can come up with an objective view about anything, given the pressure from the White House to hear what it wanted to hear.”

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