The FDA, Vioxx, Celebrex and other adventures in drugland

Democracy Now! has posted the transcript from Amy Goodman’s interview with Dr. Sidney Wolfe. Excellent reading. You have to love how useful the federal government is! It’s good to see that tax dollars are so wisely used by government entities… I sure feel safe knowing they are looking out for all of us! Heh. FDA, FCC, and on down the list, each one an example of how government does not work for the citizenry, but the interests of capital.

The FDA panel proposed that the drugs be sold with an FDA “black box” warning. Vioxx is now expected to return to the market even though nearly half the FDA panel voted against it being sold. Its manufacturer Merck voluntarily withdrew the painkiller drug in the fall. Studies have show as many as 55,000 people may have died from taking the drug. [includes rush transcript – partial]
A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel has voted to allow doctors to keep prescribing the popular painkillers Vioxx, Celebrex and Bextra even though the panel overwhelmingly agreed that the drugs significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular problems in patients.

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