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Corante has a write up on an interesting new development by Technorati for using tags:

Technorati, a site that indexes 4.5 million weblogs, is now enabling us to sort blog posts by tag. This is way way cool. In fact, it marks a next step in the rapid evolution of the tagging economy.

The tags come from three sources. First, if you’ve uploaded a photo to Flickr and have tagged it (or if one of your pals has tagged it), it will show up under that tag at technorati. Second, if you’ve bookmarked a page using, it will show up under that tag at technorati. Third, if your blogging software supports categories, your blog posts will show up under the categories you’ve assigned; categories are now tags in the eyes of Technorati.

Even if your blogging software doesn’t know from categories, you can still tag a post with, say, “weasels” by inserting into it the following line:

Weasly stuff

It’s easy to imagine this become a part of the standard footer of blog entries.

Yeah, this is nifty. I think I’ll be adding a footer with such tags. Why not? Only takes me a few seconds and it seems like this may well benefit how we organize and hravest information on the web. Time will tell. Go check out Technorati’s tag page.

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