Normalcy? Democracy

I found this story over at the Daily Kos. Concerning Nader voters and Nader’s suggestion that he might run for president Kos writes:

I’ve tried to encourage a truce between Democrats and Nader voters in the interest of ousting Bush and returning this nation to some measure of normalcy…

Screw him. Let him run if he wants. It’s a Democracy. But every vote for Nader can’t be anything more than a vote for Bush. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded, and will get no respect for enabling our nation’s systematic destruction by the Bush cabal.

I wonder, what is this normalcy he speaks of? What does that mean? Further to the left on the political spectrum? He also states that this nation is a democracy. Not true. It’s way past the time that we should be talking about what this nation really is. It’s past the time that we continue the American Revolution that started over 200 years ago and create a real democracy. We don’t need normalcy, we need a true, participatory democracy.

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