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The FCC makes me sick

According to Zeldman: “On 2 June 2003, the FCC proposes to remove laws that prevent any single company from owning every TV channel or newspaper in your city. If these regulations change, a company with a right- or left-wing agenda could eliminate your access to opposing views. One with no political agenda could eliminate intelligent programming and replace it with sewage that sells ad time. Don’t let one conglomerate control what you and your family can watch, read, or hear. See this or that and contact your representative.”

Funny thing. The reason for the FCC’s existence is to regulate the airwaves in the public’s best interest. Time and time again they have violated their own mission and demonstrated that they are far more interested in the creation of media monopolies.

Am I the only one that thinks that any country which claims to have a government by the people for the people also needs a media which is by the people for the people? Of course we all know that this is a government increasingly by the corporations for the corporations so it’s no surprise that one of it’s agencies would increasingly act in the interest of corporations.

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In a funk

I’ve been having a difficult time lately. Strange how life can be so wonderful and really yucky all at the same time.

Lately living at deCleyre is kinda like swimming in sandpaper. I’m feeling overwhelmed by people. Relationships can sometimes seem so difficult. Maybe I just need a vacation from my life, some time out of Memphis. Why is it so hard for folks to get along? Why is communication so difficult? Why are we so quick to be defensive? What must we do to be comfortable with communication about communication?

On a positive note, the first screening of Weaving Community went really well. I didn’t promote it at all so the turn out was small which I’m okay with. There were a few people that didn’t show that I hoped would but I’ll get over it. I was able to get more feedback and will do some final editing sometime in May or June. Basically I need to bring it down from 95 minutes to something like 80 minutes. I think I’ll try to show it again in August and I’ll actually promote that showing.

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