God Talk

Thanks to DruBlood for pointing me to a very interesting blog and also to
this article about European leader’s dislike of George Bush’s “God Talk”.

It cracks me up to think of George Bush as a Christian. As an agnostic I just kinda find myself wondering at the diversity of Christians and all world religions. What’s really scary and disgusting is when these folks start waging wars in the name of god. Actually, any kind of condemnation in the name of god by one human against another is really fucked up. So hey, any of ya’ll that might be reading this and thinking “This freak is going to hell” I got something for ya: go screw yourself. Oh, and fuck you George Bush, you fucking twit.

Ugh. Now I’m thinking about the separation of church and state. What the fuck does that mean? How is it that u.s. dollars still have the words “In God we trust” on them? Am I missing something here? While that’s not a connection to any particular religion it’s still a statement regarding a god of some sort. Money. God. God Money. Money God. Monkey God. Why don’t we start a movement to change the dollars to “In monkey we trust”?

I have to wonder. Is “God” just a front used by people like the monkey boy Bush or does he really believe? Either way it’s twisted.

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